Electric vehicles (EVs) come with a range of advantages such as reduced emissions and lower operational costs, which are driving more people to embrace the electric vehicle market. Numerous new electric cars are emerging, blending the top features of conventional combustion engines with electric functionality. However, similar to traditional vehicles, electric vehicles aren’t devoid of issues. Our expert team at West Palm Beach Towing, a reliable roadside assistance service in West Palm Beach, will outline common problems that might necessitate our services for electric vehicle owners.

Battery Depletion: Running out of battery in an electric vehicle is akin to a traditional car running out of fuel. Although the efficacy of electric vehicle batteries has significantly enhanced in recent times, their charge retention capability is still finite. Moreover, the scarcity of public charging spots often poses a challenge for individuals to recharge their EVs while on the go.

Battery Damage: Beyond mere battery depletion, electric vehicles bear the risk of battery damage, particularly as their lithium-ion batteries can decay over time. While modern EV models feature better-constructed batteries compared to older versions, a battery replacement is inevitable at some point—hopefully not while you’re on the road.

Braking System: Brake systems in electric vehicles, similar to those in combustion engine cars, undergo wear and tear, necessitating the replacement of rotors and pads over time. Electric vehicles employ distinctive regenerative braking systems, curbing the rate of degradation to an extent. However, like any system, their brakes aren’t invincible and will require maintenance or replacement eventually.

Tire Concerns: Many electric cars tip the scale heavier than their combustion engine counterparts due to the added weight of the battery system. This extra weight exerts more force on the tires, accelerating tread wear, and possibly increasing the risk of punctures or flats. Tire issues are common across all vehicle types, and electric vehicles are certainly no exception.

At West Palm Beach Towing, we’re geared to assist with these common electric vehicle issues and ensure a smooth, hassle-free experience for EV owners on the road.